Design your manufacturing business for the next stage of growth.

I’m Todd Anderson, adviser and growth coach for manufacturers under $20MM in revenue.

For over 20 years I have helped my clients refine their business development strategy and implement the changes necessary to get results. Growth, profits and customer loyalty happen through careful planning and tireless execution.

Are any of these true for you?

    • You have build a solid company and you know that there is a lot more potential for growth and profits.
    • Your salespeople do a good job of responding to existing customers but you don’t seem to be growing as much as you would like.
    • Incomplete information forces you to make too many guesses when preparing quotes.
    • There is plenty of demand for your product but it seems like you are not getting your fair share of deals.

What is a Valuable Manufacturing Business?

A “Valuable Business” is one that is profitable, provides a fulfilling lifestyle for you as the owner, and allows good options for when you exit. The Throughput Operating System™ was created specifically to help structure smart divisions of labor. This enables your business to optimize and leverage its greatest assets. If your margins are too thin or if you are not reaching your growth goals, then you should consider this for your next move. The result of the Throughput Operating System™ means higher profits, greater long term company value, and an orderly structure for action and growth.