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Rick Bernett
Sr. Consultant
  • Phone : 651-492-0190
  • Email : rbernett@me.com
  • Experience : 35 Years

Rick’s Bio

As a senior consultant with 10,000 Foot View, as well as an instructor at Metropolitan State University, I was shaped in part by my experiences working with my hands as a machine operator at a plastic injection molding factory right after high school. It amazed me how all the people, materials and equipment would somehow come together to produce things people wanted to buy. I knew I had to be part of this journey.

After obtaining my MBA, my first job in the high-tech industry brought me to Texas Instruments in Dallas, as a planning manager. It was a great experience and a bit overwhelming; planning material for guided missile production, that is.

When at TI, I started teaching the APICS (Association for supply chain management) certification classes. It was during this period that I spent a lot of time studying and reading topics such as MRP, Just-in-Time, TQM and Theory of Constraints etc. It was here I became a continual student in matters of operations management.

Over the years I have traded my hand work for mostly mind work (although I still get my fix from home remodeling projects and working on my Goldwing). My MBA and advance training prepared me for career stops at additional international corporations such as Emerson and Recovery Engineering (PUR Water Systems).

I have a burning desire to keep learning and teaching. Fortunately, I get to fulfill this desire by teaching a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses related to manufacturing at Metro State University. Although I am the “teacher,” I’m delighted and moved by how much I learn from the students and industry every day. The rigor and pace of the information is good¬†incentive to stay current and relevant.

If you want to hear some of my thoughts on operational matters that can move more cash to your bottom line, feel free to peruse our website or get in touch. Our Resources page has a few tidbits to get you started.

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