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Growth Planning

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

How prepared are you for battle in the marketplace? The shifting sands of change don’t permit you to stand still for long. Your competition isn’t standing still, and neither are you.

Sustainable advantages don’t arise from the flavor of the month or the latest and greatest management theory. They arise from adhering to actions and commitments, strong values glued together with the right attitude.

Growth planning can shine a bright light on your business so that you are pushing the right initiatives down the right path. Oftentimes the best way to achieve this is to UNLEARN some of what you already know.

Ask yourself these simple questions…

How clear is our Vision? Strengthening this means getting everyone 100 percent on the same page with where you’re going and how you’re going to get there,

How clear are our values and expectations for behavior? Knowing this ensures that you are bringing the right people with the right thinking.

Who are our customers and how are they responding to the changing world? Understanding your customers, and your customers’ customers are critical for planning your best moves.

What are we really, really good at? Being good enough isn’t good enough anymore. Your customers have more choices than ever so it’s important to find and race your strengths every day.

We have the ability to ask the hard questions and identify subtle conditions that lead to sound growth planning.

Simple, practical tools.

These are the cornerstones of good execution. By mastering some simple systems, you will create consistent and sustainable results.
We’ll provide the right operating system for your company so that you can get the right people in the right seats. From there, we can focus on getting traction in your organization. The best-formed plans are worthless until they are put into action.

We’ll help you create clear processes in order to systematize your business. When everyone is on the same page, and when everyone is following the steps, you’ll have consistency and scalable results for your business. The discipline that is instilled will provide lasting success.

Sales Process Design

Your salespeople need frequent critical conversations with your prospects and customers. Unfortunately, there are lots of distractions to this process. We’ll help create the structure necessary to get your salespeople meeting and selling more.

The hand-off between Sales and the rest of the organization has to be carefully planned and executed in order to maximize profitability. When done right, this will increase your margins and accelerate sales.

-What does it mean to have a “sales team” as opposed to individual contributors; some effective, some not?
-What information is being lost within the hand-offs between marketing, sales and operations?
-How can productivity principles be applied to reduce variance and waste, while at the same time increase sales throughput?
-What measures can be put in place so that revenue results are more predictable and repeatable?

There are no quick fixes. There are no silver bullets. Sales Process Design is about formulating and testing processes that are fundamentally sound but will work in your unique environment when tailored to the nuances that exist in your culture.

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